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Tramadol High – Fact or Fiction?
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Getting high from Tramadol is not an impossible thing. However, Tramadol's euphoric effects are mild; therefore, it carries a low potential for addiction. When compared to other drugs with addiction tendency, like OxyContin, the reports of people getting addicted to Tramadol are relatively lower. Nonetheless, it is not completely wrong to say that Tramadol can get you high. We have recorded some facts about Tramadol High below:

1. About 15% people complain of getting high on Tramadol

According to an analysis, about 7% people who have started using Tramadol feel euphoric within the first 7 days of its use. The percentage increases to 15% when the use of Tramadol exceeds 30 days. The reason for this behavior is the mu-opioid agonist activity of the drug which stimulates many reactions in the brain giving it a feeling of calmness and well-being.

2. Tramadol has a dual- action mechanism

The drug has the property to provide relief from pain and also provides a feeling of well-being which is known as "high" in medical terms. Tramadol has always had positive feedbacks from most of the users. The drug rarely shows any physical or psychological tendency of dependence. However, there are chances to get addicted to Tramadol as it provides you euphoria.

3. Tramadol is a Controlled Substance

This is one of the most important points which contribute to the fact that Tramadol high is possible. In 2014, the FDA announced that Tramadol will be categorized under controlled substances under Schedule IV. This announcement was made after the reports of Tramadol abuse had increased massively. The reason for the misuse of the drug is that it makes people feel elated and soothing. This made them use Tramadol more often. Thus, the FDA had to declare that it cannot be bought without a prescription. You can order tramadol online with next day delivery.

Although getting high on Tramadol is possible it is nothing to worry about as such cases have reduced up to a great extent and people are using tramadol.bizmfortably all over the world.

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