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01-Jul-2017 07:22:35 am

Why using tramadol instead of other pain relievers is an intelligent option Posted by Admin


Chronic and acute pain are some of the common pain-related conditions that are treated with Tramadol. It improves the condition of the human body without causing any kind of damage or side effects. To understand why we should choose Tramadol over other painkillers we have to understand the fact that most of the other painkillers are usually narcotics, while, Tramadol functions as narcotics but is different from one. Now let us understand what a narcotic is-

Narcotic is basically is a medical term for medicines that create a drowsy and sleepy effect. Narcotics are generally used in context to opioids like morphine. But, most of the common people believe "narcotics" to be addictive and illegal drugs like cocaine or marijuana.

When it comes to Tramadol, we can say that Tramadol is not a narcotic but its mode of action is like one. Officially, Tramadol is not classified as a narcotic by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) or by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Although the original classifications designed by the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 are checked and altered by the FDA and the DEA every now and then, neither of them report Tramadol as a narcotic. Tramadol is classified under opiate agonists, a class of drugs.

Now, coming to other painkillers like codeine, hydrocodone, or fentanyl, we know that these are pure narcotic drugs. They definitely treat the pain at a faster rate than Tramadol but the adverse effects of these drugs are very extreme and the users become easily susceptible to them. The narcotic drugs also affect the brain bitterly. Even though Tramadol works by affecting the brain's reaction towards pain, but, once the impact of Tramadol is ended, its influence on the brain also ceases. But in the case of other common painkillers, the brain may be impaired and disabled for a long time, even for a lifetime.

Tramadol is an opiate drug but unlike other such drugs of the same class, it shows almost negligible side effects on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems of the body. In fact, Tramadol is beneficial in people with weak cardiopulmonary functions. It is good for elder patients, obese people, and for smokers. It is more potent and does not cause (or rarely cause) euphoria or constipation. Tramadol is a better option than morphine or other painkillers for children as well.

All the statements regarding Tramadol and other drugs are tested, proven, and certified by many doctors all over the world. Tramadol is the best option for Pain relief and this is a guaranteed fact.