Tolerance to Tramadol


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05-Jul-2016 09:08:33am

Tolerance to Tramadol Posted by Mack

1495020244Tolerance to Tramadol

What happens if you have a migraine and you have been on Tramadol for a prolonged time? The answer is, it helps you sleep through it no doubt but slow it stops creating an effect on you and you feel like overdosing to get the desired relief.


A person is generally prescribed Tramadol (brand names Ultram, OL-tram) when the situation is a little severe. For example, if a person is suffering from a migraine and there might be a severe migraine headache or a fast heartbeat and even the OTCs don’t work, and taking a lot of painkillers also have started to affect liver badly.


To understand about tramadol tolerance let us first know what it is:


If you are on Ultram since a good period of time and feel it is not working and you might as well want to increase doses of Ultram to feel pain relief then it could be possible that your body is developing tolerance to it.


However, tolerance is not addiction.


Tolerance to tramadol means that a body has adapted to the presence of tramadol in the system. It doesn’t mean that Ultram is no longer effective or its effect has started to wipe off sooner in the system.


Every individual will respond differently to the same medicine. As in the case of someone suffering from a migraine, it is possible that your body is metabolizing tramadol faster than normal.

However, it is most important to use any opioids or a narcotic medication under medical supervision as it is very much likely that two medicines might interact. The way your body is responding to OL-tram depends on your body’s internal chemistry and how you are taking it.


Tolerance to OLtram might make you dependent on it as you would dose on it often in order to be relieved and finding yourself habitual if you suddenly stop taking it, you will experience withdrawal symptoms as well. In order to avoid such a situation it is very important that OL-tram is not taken over an extended period of time. If you continue the consumption for more than a month, you might develop a tolerance to it. OL-tram which is a widely used generic brand of Ultram / Tramadol is generally prescribed at 100 mg a day. Your doctor might increase the dosage every five days if it is not able to ease the pain. However, the dosage should not exceed 400 mg a day to avoid a fatal situation. If analgesic relief does not happen at a dose of 300 mg tramadol, then your doctor at this point may recommend you to try another pain medication to help relieve your symptoms.  Many patients in such scenario ask for Tramadol 100mg  online or Tramadol 200 mg online or over the counter as advised by their insurance or physician in cases where 50mg pills start to cost them more or they want to gulp down 1 pill instead of 3 or 4 at 1 time.